Mature Person (2)

Dear Readers,

In my antecedent article, I declared that a getting accept to abolish the adulation for ego from his affection and ample it with adulation of Allah to become a complete accepter and added that it is accessible by assertive in Allah (swt), abnegation from His prohibitions, and abject His orders. In added words, a getting accept to obey Sunnah of Rasulullah (s.a.w) aboveboard and bethink Allah by getting acquainted of Him every time.

A getting who performs them aboveboard becomes a “mature person” with the virtues that Allah (swt) grants him.

# Some of the characteristics of the complete getting who accomplished the fifth ambit

The absolute getting who accomplished the fifth ambit perceives aggregate from the angle of Allah (swt). He draws acquaint from everything. He takes affliction of Allah’s accord in aggregate he performs. He is fair in all his judgments. He is now a reliable getting whom everybody trusts. He has no bifold standards. He doesn’t act abnormally if something is advantageous or adverse for him. He is a absolute accepter now and his acceptance are the acceptance of Allah. He has no concern, doubt, abhorrence or worry, above getting accustomed with accord of Allah. Therefore, he consistently follows Amends (honesty, rightness, and reality).

• The man of truth

He follows Allah (swt) rather than awesome beliefs. He seeks for the amends and the accuracy by abrogation superstitions. He is not abashed even if the truths adjoin him are appear or mentioned. He tells the accuracy even for his enemy. He is now the man of truth. He doesn’t accept any complicated affairs that he wants to apprehend with lies or plots based on abundant account plans.

“And awning not Accuracy with falsehood, nor burrow the Accuracy if ye apperceive (what it is).” (Baqarah, 42)

“None of you will accept until you adulation for your brother what you adulation for yourself.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

• The man of backbone and praise…

Now, he has no agnosticism that aggregate is accomplished in accordance with a afterlife that is authentic by Allah (swt), the architect of aggregate in the all-powerful order, Who sustains, manages and protects this order. He now trusts and surrenders Allah totally. Therefore, he knows that Allah creates every botheration or goodness, account or malice, adversity or salvation. He meets all of them willingly. He is not sad but accommodating if he has a problem. He appreciates if he has any absolution rather than let himself go by getting happy.

“Give animated advice to those who patiently persevere!” (Baqarah, 155)

“The backbone to acceptance is like the arch to the body.” [Deylemî]

“Half of the acceptance is backbone and the blow is gratitude.” [Beyheki]

• The man of modesty…

The attributes of abashment aswell changes in the fifth dimension. The getting who is abashed of the humiliations in the antecedent ambit begins not paying absorption to them any added although he is abashed if he performs something, which is not adapted to Allah’s will. Therefore, the complete getting in this ambit has a abundant bashfulness (haya) and decency.

“Prostitution is a dishonor; haya is an accessory of a person.” [Berika]

“Haya is absolutely good” [Muslim]

“Haya is a allotment of faith.” [Bukhari]

“Haya and acceptance are interdependent; accordingly either they both abide together” [Hakim]

• The duke that doesn’t yield but give

The getting in the fifth ambit is a getting who gives for Allah’s account rather than takes for his nafs.

“The high (giving) duke is bigger than the lower (taking) hand.” [Bukhari]

He thinks the others as able-bodied as himself. Therefore, the others who are in adulation with apple cannot accept him. The others accede him as a fool. He does not accede critics. He gives accent to Allah (swt). He thinks the amount or blank of himself afore Allah. Therefore, he is consistently destitute, grieved, gentle, polite, and merciful to any affectionate of creature. He is shy to ask annihilation for the apple from Allah (swt) by cerebration Allah knows all his behaviors, even he knows that Allah (swt) accepts all of his prayers. He considers all the humans beneath his ascendancy as an escrow of Allah. He feels amenable from them.

He is sad if humans are in bad situations and he gets blessed if they are good.

• His physique is with the humans but his affection is with Allah…

His affection is with Allah every time and the affection makes him overlook everything. Briefly, his physique is with the humans while his affection is with Allah all the time.

He is now antiseptic from “the characteristics of nafs” which sometimes makes him worse than the animals. He is a absolute accepter who is able to be the absolutist of his Rabb in apple by abject the advices and rules of Allah (swt). If you attending at them, you feel like you can see the behaviors of Rasulullah (s.a.w). You bethink Allah Who is your creator.

# Sirat-I mustaqim (The Beeline Path)

Dear Readers,

I accept approved to explain Sirat-I mustaqim (the aisle of Amends and Truth) that Allah (swt) ordered in the a lot of bright way by application altered statements alpha with my aboriginal commodity “Correct Understanding the Human”. It is not accessible to accept and apprentice after experiencing this reality. As you cannot advise the colors to a dark person, you cannot explain the airy world, events, and their airy pleasures to a acceptation dark person.

The way to get rid of the acceptation amaurosis is a airy operation of which alpha is “faith”. The base of this development action is entering the aisle of amends and accuracy aboveboard and willingly. Learning the airy realities is accessible alone with “faith”. The animal can appreciate the realities in accordance with his “faith”. If a getting doesn’t accept acceptance or cannot complete the faith, he was built-in dark and he will canyon abroad blind. He thinks this airy realities don’t abide because he cannot see them.

Dear Reader, the appearance of the “reality” in the arresting apple is alleged “sharia”. Sharia agency the fundamentals of faith, prohibitions and orders of Allah Who is the better reality. If a getting sticks sharia with his affection and body by assertive in Allah (swt) sincerely, this aisle will accompany him to absoluteness which is the amount and acceptation of sharia, in added words Sirat-I mustaqim (the beeline path) automatically as continued as he is aboveboard in his works. The humans who are not aboveboard in their behavior and works cannot yield a section of acceptation sea.

# The acclaim of the fifth dimension

Dear Readers,

This fifth ambit of our actuality is a ambit that the getting turns into “a absolute human” from “an accustomed man”. This point of “maturity” is alone a benevolence and allowance of Allah and Allah (swt) grants the all-powerful adroitness to a baby amount of humans aloft His wish.

If one has the account to be one of the blessed agents who is accepted with the benevolence and gift, he accept to be beholden for the airy blessing, which is accepted to a baby amount of people.

He accept to be beholden for all airy stages as faith, knowledge, getting a servant, taqwa, vera, frankness, patience, consent, surrender, adulation and ma’rifa, and adjure for the ones who advance us ability the grace, abnormally Rasulullah (s.a.w).

May Allah (swt) admission us with the account and beatitude of getting a complete person! And admission us the acceptance assurance in our endure breaths.

Be entrusted to Allah. Peace be with you…